Flyer Candy Bar
Paper Airplane Contests

Paris Chocolates, Inc., maker of the Flyer Candy Bar, sponsors paper airplane contests for fifth graders. The Flyer Candy Bar Paper Airplane Contests were founded by chocolatier and balloonist John Paris, creator of the Flyer Candy Bar.

The Contests give fifth graders the opportunity to make flying machines with their hands from a simple piece of paper, to learn about aeronautics and flying, and to have fun. They challenge not only the students' creative design skills, but also their ability to launch their creations.

The Inaugural Contest was held in Atchinson, KS, birthplace of Amelia Earhart and home of the International Forest of Friendship, on May 17, 1996 for students at the Atchinson Middle School. We express our deep appreciation to Fay Gillis Wells, pioneer aviator and co-founder of The Ninety-Nines, the oldest and largest women's flight organization in the world, who assisted John Paris in launching our in-school flight study and paper airplane program, Fay Gillis Wells.

If you are a teacher, please call us at (404) 763-4411, Monday through Friday, 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM. Students are welcome to give our telephone number to teachers. Inquiries by letter or fax are also welcomed. Our mailing address is:

Flyer Candy Bar Paper Airplane Contests
Post Office Box 1281
Washington, Connecticut 06793

Our fax number is (860) 868-5822.

Advisory Board


   Dr. J. J. Keyser

Dr. Keyser is a plastic, reconstructive and hand surgeon who has traveled often with Interplast to operate on children in developing countries, most recently in Mongolia. He makes the point that children around the world get the same creative joy by using (and being able to use) their hands.

   Doris Miller

Doris Miller is a former airplane racer who flew in the All-Woman Transcontinental Air Races, dubbed "The Powder Puff Derby" by Will Rogers, who was the official starter of the first race in 1929. She is a member of the Ninety-Nines, the International Organization of Women Pilots, and devotes time to teaching kids about flight.

   John Paris
   Founder and Co-chair

John Paris is a chocolatier and balloonist who founded The Flyer Candy Bar Paper Airplane Contests. He is the creator of the Flyer Candy Bar and founder of Paris Chocolates, Inc., sponsor of the Contests. The Paper Plane Contests are part of his dream to help students learn about flight, to have the opportunity to design and build their own flying machines, and, most importantly, to meet and have fun with other kids.

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